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The East India Express

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Sushanth Shetty is attempting to make the fastest overland journey bewteen Britain and India, on a Suzuki Hayabusa. Follow his journey live here.

Twelve countries. Seven time zones. 9000 kilometres. One Suzuki Hayabusa.

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  • Alexandra Palace London N22 7AY, United Kingdom Saturday, 25th October 2014
  • Bangalore 560034, India Tuesday, 18th November 2014
The East India Express The East India Express
London folks, if you're free this Thursday, and are looking for somewhere to get a few beers, swing by the Prince... http://t.co/5eKgjQNppf
It was over eight months ago that The East India Express left London trying to make its way to Bangalore as fast... http://t.co/9B0749QQdB
After nearly five months in India, it's finally time for the 'Busa to leave. Big thanks to Suzuki India, and... http://t.co/E4B4wsatfZ
The last couple of weeks in India have been nothing short of spectacular. After a few days with a great bunch of... http://t.co/Ah9IZp0Bfy
In less than two weeks from now, I will be speaking at the India Bike Week in Goa. I'm on the Adventure Stage on... http://t.co/saHSqTnHf1
So, it’s been a quiet few months but I’ve finally beaten procrastination, and I’ve finished writing all the... http://t.co/L9rhmqkZTz
THE VIEW FROM THE BAR – What a year this has been! So many setbacks, sleepless nights, and challenges. But now... http://t.co/MClLKecr7F
The project has been making a lot of friends along the road. In Slovenia it was Ziggi, and Rennkottektiv. In... http://t.co/2Yszy3NnN7
With 11 hours to go,The East India Express makes it to Race Dynamics where the idea was first discussed! http://t.co/CK0qPnvbcv
35 days and 9700 kms later, I have finally brought it home! The East India Express lands in Bangalore! It's a... http://t.co/KYYXyg2q7c
Right, no time for details, but I've spent the last few days in Bombay getting 9 million signatures. For now, the... http://t.co/K8Wc5nIbob
Xpress Euphrates, the vessel carrying the bike, which was first delayed and then diverted to Karachi, has been... http://t.co/EAOKrRFsHB
The weather has decided to play games again, and a sand storm in the Middle East has resulted in the vessel... http://t.co/HwaP21rHP1
SO, despite it being the equivalent of a Sunday in the UAE, the NMT team have kept their offices open, and have... http://t.co/edOG8q4eeU
Now then, this week’s been a LOT of phone calls, emails and visits to shipping agents and Dhow owners. I’ve also... http://t.co/441tgZMzG8
Apologies for the silence, but it's been a mad few days getting out of Iran, but after mounds of paperwork, I... http://t.co/TMzPermpQv
Day 10 – My last day of long distance riding, and the longest day of riding – around 1200 kilometres. Having left... http://t.co/dBiRwN2hBi
DAY 9 – Having lost nearly an entire day in Tabriz, I had to catch up and today was my only chance.... http://t.co/hMNXUYZBN9
DAY 8 – I was hosted by an incredibly hospitable family last night who put the bike in their living room (will... http://t.co/qJqwRJ2mUz
Day 7 – This was the crossing into Iran, and the day I was most looking forward to. The very scenic 300 km run to... http://t.co/mSv3xo9UeC
Right, first of all many thanks for rooting for me, and apologies for the silence. Iran has been a bit of a... http://t.co/eSzxcyrUbm
. . . And Sushanth has reached Bandar Abbas. As planned.
Sushanth is back on track and currently in Esfahan. We'll have to wait a little bit longer to hear more about... http://t.co/e6U5zRVYly
Heard from Sushanth this evening (9 pm GMT) that although he ran into some difficulties and lost a day's riding,... http://t.co/K3GJeCznnL
DAY 6 - The 900 km-ish ride from Ankara to Erzurum has certainly had its moments.Up until 3 pm, it was probably... http://t.co/EBwCyTMQN0
DAY 5 - Today was going to be a straight forward 550-ish km ride from Istanbul to Ankara, except when I left... http://t.co/uolNRGEpC7
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