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Bike to Japan

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Journalists from Britain's best selling motorcycle title, Bike Magazine, are embarking on a epic adventure taking Suzuki's all-new V-Strom 1000 back to the very factory it was built in - Hamamatsu, Japan.

Starting from Bike's home town of Peterborough in the UK, the V-Strom 1000 is being piloted by a tag team of just three riders to Japan, including editor Hugo Wilson, Bike's adventure expert Jamie Duncan and experienced journalist Jon Westlake.

Follow the riders and the V-Strom 1000 here, as they #Biketojapan.

Map Legend

  • Peterborough Peterborough, United Kingdom Friday, 16th May 2014
  • Suzuki, Hamamatsu, Japan 34.690835, 137.687411 Monday, 4th August 2014
Bike to Japan Bike to Japan
Owner of this thinks it's the first 2014 #vstrom in #Kazakhstan. Didn't have the heart to tell him about #biketojapan http://t.co/t7jIVqsKBe
BIKE. The magazine that reaches parts of the world other bike magazines cannot teach #Kazakhstan #biketojapan http://t.co/cwnSOwGCsJ
You can now see exactly where we are and virtually join our epic #biketojapan ride thanks to Biketrac: http://t.co/pRwCQDnsf2
A thousand mile detour and the Caspian Sea are past tense and suddenly, today, it all went a bit faraway #biketojapan http://t.co/tCW9xI8wZw
Oh Georgia, I've missed you so much. Let's promise never to be apart for this long again... #biketojapan http://t.co/PWifcOOSmS
Mint day in the Turkish twisties. And QPR promoted. Time to hit the Raki methinks. Oh, I already did... .#biketojapan http://t.co/YDheZYTBJE
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