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Trails to the Forgotten

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Two bikes, 20 countries, endless possibilities. In May 2016, UK neuroscientist and Irish photographer, Katie Jennings and Mickey Bergin will head off on their overland motorcycle trip from the UK to New Zealand.
"We're looking to live our lives the way we want, by immersing ourselves in the world we inhabit, learning, connecting with and understanding the different cultures and people we meet."
It's going to be a huge, grab-life-by-the-horns adventure!

Map Legend

  • Eynsham, Oxfordshire Wytham View, Eynsham OX29 4LX, United Kingdom Sunday, 29th May 2016
  • Slope Point, New Zealand Southland, 9884, New Zealand Wednesday, 30th November 2016
Trails to the Forgotten Trails to the Forgotten
Blimey! Opened the door & half the leaves in Yorkshire nipped in through our front door. Take care out there peeps the wind is on the up x
All smiles crossing the bridge Skipton explorations along the canal & into Castle Woods. Great day sharing the sigh… https://t.co/OEM0JlN2I8
Awesome to catch up with Rohith this weekend...stoking the dreams of distant horizons again 😉 https://t.co/1ceqRtH7hi
Small but possibly lifesaving request to cars: pls put your lights on Esp on grey, wet & half-light days It increases visibility
A solitary, hardy bloom reminding me that all things pass Today gusts removed it But I spy a bud in the background… https://t.co/FMrCnP7dBj
Moist day & smashing feed at Angel Inn, Hetton 1st day off together in a while. When working hard it's… https://t.co/4mYK8YNR4Y
Great day out with #dalesyoungrangers today, rescuing & restaking trees near Stainforth This land fills up my heart… https://t.co/XSGhQtCOlj
Feeling a need to refocus on good. What was the last act of kindness you saw/carried out? #focusonpositive #kindnessmatters #fightcynicism
Increasingly I realise the challenge is not to find meaning Rather it is to balance searching with an ease at not having an answer
Very cool! And definitely needed. Teaching the #carboncycle at the moment & brushing up made me realise our impact… https://t.co/YGBn9eKjqE
Pretty pleased with this Fewer working hours mean I can spend time creating My mind feels better for it #wirewraphttps://t.co/BLvXs5VDdV
Life lessons: 5 min commute makes work & 5 am starts bearable + get to appreciate sunrise #mindfulliving #Choicehttps://t.co/ymD4UOD5mE
Funny the things you miss when travelling. It's good to have Mickey's art back up https://t.co/wbkTx6gW7U
Sometimes I forget this is the 'real' world & not some petty high school playground. Time for the lunatics to give the assylum back...please
Figure out what's important to you. Prioritise it. Life's challenges won't disappear but they'll be easier to bear. https://t.co/zBf0BoYOka
Indian roads notorious but they make sense with observation U learn to #expecttheunexpected Boy can they load bike… https://t.co/hqrJKvWv1n
It's a bit wet just darn 'road. Grown-up chores done so happy puddle stomping is on the cards :D https://t.co/Injwwp3Bjg
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