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Trails to the Forgotten

Event Bio

Two bikes, 20 countries, endless possibilities. In May 2016, UK neuroscientist and Irish photographer, Katie Jennings and Mickey Bergin will head off on their overland motorcycle trip from the UK to New Zealand.
"We're looking to live our lives the way we want, by immersing ourselves in the world we inhabit, learning, connecting with and understanding the different cultures and people we meet."
It's going to be a huge, grab-life-by-the-horns adventure!

Map Legend

  • Eynsham, Oxfordshire Wytham View, Eynsham OX29 4LX, United Kingdom Sunday, 29th May 2016
  • Slope Point, New Zealand Southland, 9884, New Zealand Wednesday, 30th November 2016
Trails to the Forgotten Trails to the Forgotten
Birthday jaunt booked... If you're looking to book a getaway using this link will get you (and us) £15 :) https://t.co/8HF7K7wxQz
14.5 km hike with a local guide along the 'dramatic' section of Hadrian's wall started with a scramble up this moun… https://t.co/cuTWMK8sNn
An early morning view from our eco-bothy accommodation on the barbarian side of Hadrian's wall. No mobile signal, n… https://t.co/zc14S49QmH
I don't think Katie is believing my story I'm doing a full roast for dinner :P
Katie is positive that she is going to make it. :)
All packed for the Overland event. It's going to be great catching up with everyone ✊
Up close, in detail in the New Forest. Nature's canvas.
A and B roads for the winding route back North. First find was a cute, old school village store for a friendly gree… https://t.co/0d1NSvUpNP
Another day, another exploration... After finding out the abandoned village was closed on weekdays (it's a live MOD… https://t.co/lOmPO4FnTh
13 K hike taking in the sights: Brading Marshes, Centurion's Copse, Pelham's monument (all round nice guy it seems)… https://t.co/BEycRjvpHk
Poetry, beer and a some funny hairy dude in the background...gotta love him...life is good 😊 #happytrails #iow https://t.co/OuP2DXqNYf
Day 3: As we crossed the Solent to the IoW the weather closed in but couldn't dampen spirits...Newport at rush-hour… https://t.co/UcLsdgbFrW
2nd day of the road trip. After M1 hell we were greeted by friends and shared a great evening. This morning we opte… https://t.co/SB9CmaR6gW
Latest album...the first of many war memorials we came across but perhaps the most imposing. It seems the village i… https://t.co/wYcllpf7MJ
Super day dry stone walling at Lower Winskill with the Dales Young Rangers. Great ppl & such a beautiful part of th… https://t.co/nCx9ZoRpD7
6 am rise and step out to feed the birds. Early mornings outside always make me feel the world is mine and full of… https://t.co/IDcJZfiomT
Soggy days weaving in and out of Belgium and France on green lanes. We had fun though and finally found our first c… https://t.co/rh5kWlySWH
Rediscovering & enjoying the benefits of a fixed home #gratitude #adapatability Experiments in thrift: #1. Improvi… https://t.co/5ru5a5lPoZ
Amazing day at my first forest school visit today. Terrible weather but the kids were troopers & we built a den, bu… https://t.co/3e3w0BsD2T
Ah memories! Not quite two years since we set off and we're beginning to work through photos and get albums up. Her… https://t.co/6kzSLvEw7Z
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