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One Steph Beyond

Event Bio

Welcome to our tracking portal where you can view our progress of #OneStephBeyond on her round the world trip throughout the duration of the event.

Please note: We have limited tracking information for this event.

The Event began on Sunday 23 March 2014.

Map Legend

  • Ace Cafe - Starting Point Ace Cafe London Sunday, 23rd March 2014
  • Ace Cafe - Ending Point Ace Cafe London
One Steph Beyond One Steph Beyond
It's not easy capturing people in their environment being natural (especially with the short lense that I have)... https://t.co/PXS3w6j7sA
Ok! I'm out of the humidity and I'm not coming down! You can't make me!
This laptop now done 110,000kms, 50 countries and 7 continents. Best Travelled laptop in the world? https://t.co/EjE8W66alY
Ok so cutting across to Morocco via ferry from Egypt is not an option. In fact ferry to anywhere in Europe is not... https://t.co/zTZAT6NRvf
A worthy bikery animal lovery kinda cause😀. Anyone out there that fits that bill and has a spare quid or two for... https://t.co/RbbDvxokQ6
Sun, sea and G&T here we come. Actually the only important bit there is G&T😂 https://t.co/61Ce4eVZ9F
Had a lovely eve and wonderful home cooked Tanzanian meal with these guys. Sooo good🙃 https://t.co/28p5C0AkEG
Tanzania represents the beginning of my East African Adventure. Southern Africa has been a blast. If you forced... https://t.co/57DPgnxHBj
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