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One Steph Beyond

Event Bio

Welcome to our tracking portal where you can view our progress of #OneStephBeyond on her round the world trip throughout the duration of the event.

Please note: We have limited tracking information for this event.

The Event began on Sunday 23 March 2014.

Map Legend

  • Ace Cafe - Starting Point Ace Cafe London Sunday, 23rd March 2014
  • Ace Cafe - Ending Point Ace Cafe London
One Steph Beyond One Steph Beyond
Morning all. Sorry to bombard you all with T-shirt sales BUT :) if you are planning on buying a tee then it would... https://t.co/stXBquIGXT
Gotta love the odd B&W picture! Some cute pics of the kids of Northern Kenya. https://t.co/GxspsM02iZ
Gotta love the odd B&W photo! A few pics of the kids from Northern Kenya.
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