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One Steph Beyond

Event Bio

Welcome to our tracking portal where you can view our progress of #OneStephBeyond on her round the world trip throughout the duration of the event.

Please note: We have limited tracking information for this event.

The Event began on Sunday 23 March 2014.

Map Legend

  • Ace Cafe - Starting Point Ace Cafe London Sunday, 23rd March 2014
  • Ace Cafe - Ending Point Ace Cafe London
One Steph Beyond One Steph Beyond
This gives you a very rough idea of what my next 3 months is going to look like. Should arrive Vic Falls Zimbabwe... https://t.co/fFDWP2u3Ll
Ok this worked really well last time, so here we go again.....Anyone got any suggestions for Durban? Places to... https://t.co/XmB6ShHXtW
Ok well I'm bike free and heading for New York on Thursday (cheaper flights to SA from the states). Any... https://t.co/yqURDgDPjo
So long Ottawa and thanks for having me! :0) — feeling thankful
If you don't want a full organised tour but don't want to go it completely alone either then check out Moto... https://t.co/jo1CD597Xx
Rhonda is ready for shipping. One week before we part and she hits the big seas again. First time since Antarctica! https://t.co/cVkrsSOEeI
Great article from Aaron Mitchell. Very honestly written story that I think many can relate too in one way or... https://t.co/Z4aAX4mAV4
I cannot believe my luck. Thanks to OCEAN TRANSPORTATION SERVICES FREIGHT FORWARDING INC who have offered me free... https://t.co/qK3QKiGuY9
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